Gas Turbines

Winbro Group Technologies has developed a comprehensive range of application solutions for aerospace and industrial cooling hole and form generation. These are often tailored to fulfill the specific requirements of a particular engine design. The primary areas where Winbro’s High Speed EDM, Laser and ECM technologies are applied include:

  • Holes for wall cooling and effusion cooled combustors
  • Film cooling holes in HP blades, vanes & segments
  • Laser drilling, cutting and ablation of various engine components, including thermal coating removal
  • Shaped holes for blades and vanes
  • Cooling hole re-opening
  • ECM forming of compressor blades
  • Creep-Feed grinding of forms and features in blades, vanes & segments

Additional applications and machine systems are continually being developed to meet the specific needs of our customers, ensuring that we always provide the most appropriate solution to any individual application.

Combustion area of a Gas Turbine Engine