Winbro Group Technology’s capabilities extend beyond the creation of cooling holes and features; we also apply our expertise and technologies to the production of precision aerofoil shapes for compressor blades and vanes. Compressor blades and vanes are manufactured from materials such as Stainless Steels, Super Alloys and Titanium, all of which are difficult to machine.

With the addition of our Winbro manufactured FGC 2 multi-axis grinding machine we offer creep-feed and Viper grinding for blade production, e.g. fir-tree roots and 'z' notches. 

ECM Forming is the creation of aerofoil shapes using a ‘salt’ based electrolyte and very high power. Winbro’s ECM process is capable of producing a finished airfoil – concave and convex surfaces, leading and trailing edges together with the platform, in a single operation. This process and technique can also be used on components with finished root forms, optimising the manufacturing processes.

The component is formed by a process of anodic dissolution, with the cathode profile effectively being formed onto the component, with no cathode wear occurring during the ECM process. Typical Winbro ECM systems have a 20,000 amp capacity and multi station tooling, permitting up to three components to be processed simultaneously

ECM finish forming of compressor blades

Selection of compressor blades