The next generation of electrical discharge
machining technology

Winbro’s High-Speed Electrical Discharge Machining provides substantially faster drilling times than the conventional oil dielectric process.

Industry leading
EDM technology

Built from
Aerospace Precision

EDM System

A compact, high-speed single point EDM system that delivers high productivity and meets the strictest standards for drilling turbine components and semiconductor process equipment.

High Speed EDM with DI

Winbro machines use Deionized Water as the medium for the EDM process. This allows for a high speed drilling without the need to change oil based solutions.

Designed for Precision

Our machines are designed from the ground up to maximize precision through out the process. We offer multiple solutions to help monitor the EDM process to ensure high quality throughput.

Unmatched Technology

Our EDM technology delivers functionality that has yet to be matched. Our advanced features include electrode probing and EDM milling where we use a cutter path to create 3D geometries similar to milling.

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