Winbro has wide experience in the High-Speed Drilling and Cutting of Gas Distribution Plates, Electrodes and many other Electronics components:

  • Perpendicular, Angled and Shaped holes
  • In-process and Post-process Inspection
  • Automated Part and Tooling Loading
  • Industrialised Solutions
  • Silicon, Aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Single and Multi-Crystal materials
  • Typical parts have 300-2,000 holes
  • Typical thicknesses 5mm – 30mm
  • Market leading drilling times, quality and RFT yield


Case Study: Gas Distribution Plates (GDPs)

One of the world’s top producers of semiconductor process equipment was unable to produce sufficiently precise holes in Gas Distribution Plates (GDPs)

They believed EDM technology uncapped the next level of innovation, but were unhappy with their chosen EDM equipment providers and approached Winbro as a global leader in EDM to develop a better solution

Winbro ran extensive development resulting in enhancements to their machine, software and process knowhow

Following a rapid learning curve, Winbro matched and surpassed incumbent capability within 12 months, producing smaller holes with better geometry, reduced depth of damage, improved morphology and repeatability whilst reducing cycle time by 37% and providing a higher yield at >98%

Trials at WAM demonstrated Manufacturing Capability Readiness (MCR), de-risking investment in Winbro technology and enabling the customer to take a strategic decision to purchase multiple Winbro EDM machines, complete with automation

Gas Distribution Plate

Silicon ingots