NEW HSD351 EDM drilling machine

Introducing the NEW HSD351 compact high-speed single point EDM system, offering high productivity and designed to meet the stringent requirements for drilling turbine components and semiconductor process equipment.


  • Twin 14 position tool changers (barrels & nose guides)
  • Barrels holding up to 49 individual electrodes up to 700mm (27.5") long
  • Integrated electrode flow meter
  • Auto quill alignment
  • Single collet with a range from 0.25 – 3.00mm (0.010” – 0.118”) diameter
  • Renishaw probe (6-point probing)
  • New generator
  • CAD model-based programming & Graphical User interface
  • Round holes/Shaped holes (2D & 3D)
  • Signature Analysis (Breakthrough control)
  • Automation ready

HSD351 Single Point drilling machine