HSA5 Laser Ablation machine

The HSA5 is a dedicated laser ablation machine, built on the same platform as the highly successful HSD EDM machines. The Winbro laser ablation process, at 1070nm wavelength, is a combination of vaporisation and melt erosion of material from the surface of a component. The HSA5 uses a fiber laser and a galvo-scanning head to move the focussed laser beam on a programmed path to generate fan shaped diffusers for HP blades and vanes.The laser ablation process can be used to just remove a thermal coating or machine the complete diffuser shape in the parent material and the feature completed by High Speed EDM drilling.

The HSA5 has an integrated probe for 6-point probing and an option of a vision system and a dedicated programming system 

The HSA5 includes laser safety windows and a light-tight enclosure to meet the relevant machine standards.

Winbro has proudly received the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation 2016 for the development of the HSA5 machine

HSA5 laser ablation machine