NEW HSA300 Laser Ablation System
The HSA300 series of machines are the latest development from Winbro Group Technologies, offering a highly compact solution to Laser Ablation operations.
The Winbro Laser Ablation process is a combination of vaporisation and melt erosion of material from the surface. The HSA300 can be fitted with a multitude of different Fiber Lasers and either a 2-axis or 3-axis Galvo-Scanning head to move the beam on a programmed tool path.
Other features include:
  • Windows 10® based Operating System
  • Patented Part Probing
  • Integration of a range of Fiber-based Lasers
  • Winbro TCPro/TCPost post processing software
  • Integral Vision system for local feature position correction and alignment

HSA300 Laser Ablation System