NEW HSW300 Series Laser Welding System

Winbro has launched the latest addition to the acclaimed HS300 range of system solutions, the HSW300. The HSW300 machine is a dedicated 5-axis Fiber Laser Welding system offering a compact solution for high-integrity applications.

Fiber laser welding offers the highest-strength autogenous welds in metal alloys. The optical beam delivery is customised to the application, with the option of a 2- or 3-axis scanner. Beam wobbling may be used, allowing the process parameters to be optimised for joining the broadest range of metals.

The HSW300 has a remarkably small footprint (just over 1m wide), and uses Winbro’s proprietary ACNC64 software which operates on a Windows 10-based operating system in conjunction with Winbro's TCPro/TCPost processing software.

The system can be supplied with a variety of laser sources up to 2kW, has a patented part probing system and offers an integral vision system for local feature position correction and alignment.

It is ideal as a replacement for legacy welders using arc, electron beam or solid-state lasers, and also for emerging sectors such as electric vehicles where there is a requirement for welding of dissimilar metals.



HSW300 Laser Welding System