Creep Feed Grinding
Winbro’s FGC 2 delivers levels of productivity
and profitability considerably greater than can be
obtained from conventional creep-feed grinding
machines. The FGC2's main features include:
  • Dressing position and part position always remain constant, allowing an easy changeover routine to reset an existing part.
  • Built in wheel changer allows for quick change of wheels.
  • 48-position ATC allows for combination of grinding, milling, drilling and probing tools to be stored.
  • Twin diamond roll arbour with option of 2 x twin arbours. Each unit offers 260 mm active diamond roll width (520 mm with 2 units) which allows multiple jobs to be set without changing diamond rolls.
  • Twin coolant nozzle system for component cooling and grinding wheel cleaning. The system offers reduction in forces and increase in tool life of 30% compared to single nozzle option.
  • Use of the newly developed Winbro Viper grinding wheels improves profile holding by 30% while containing forces and reducing thermal load on the component.
  • Very low consumable cost per part compared to other grinding methods
  • The vertical spindle configuration allows easy access for the operator and less restriction on part size
  • Linear scales are fitted to all 3 main axes, and direct encoders to the 4th and 5th rotary axes