Winbro Group Technologies
Winbro Group Technologies is a global leader in providing Advanced Manufacturing Systems and Production Services for the machining of cooling holes, forms and features in components for the gas turbine industry.
Winbro Machine Systems
Winbro high technology machine systems produce holes and forms in components used in the most demanding part of aero and industrial gas turbines, semiconductor manufacture and fuel cells.
Winbro Advanced Machining
WAM provides our customers with a range of machining facilities for manufacture of production components, either ahead of delivery of a new machine, or as an ongoing secondary source of component production.
Winbro is dedicated to Customer and Product Support. A world class service, delivered globally.

Winbro Machine Systems

We provide class leading systems, process development, and applications know-how as the industry's unique supplier of Laser Ablation, Welding and Drilling, High Speed EDM and Grinding solutions.

Winbro Advanced Machining

Our aim is to be the first choice for manufacturing features in complex gas turbine engine components through the application of advanced machining processes and technologies. We are also expert in machining Gas Distribution Plates (GDPs), fuel cell and medical device components.

Winbro Product Services

We ensure total customer satisfaction by supporting Winbro products with tooling, services, maintenance contracts and spares.

Welcome to Winbro

We have been dedicated to serving aero and industrial gas turbine markets for over 30 years. Our success can be measured by our long-term relationships with many of the world's leading turbine manufacturers as well as those in the electronics, medical and renewable energy sectors.

Markets & Applications

Winbro operates in diverse highly-regulated engineering sectors. Our turbine cooling hole machining processes are fundamental in satisfying demands for improved efficiency, reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions for the latest generation of engines.