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EDM 300 High Speed EDM Drilling Machine System

Winbro’s High-Speed Electrical Discharge Machining provides substantially faster drilling times with a minimal impact on your floorspace.

edm drilling machine - edm 300

Automatic electrode Changer

Electrode changer capable of holding up to 49 electrodes per barrel


Tool Changer can hold 14 Electrode Barrels and 14 Electrode Guidelines

Integrated Probing System

Each machine has an integrated probe and tooling ball to allow for automatic calibration and geometric checks.

Advanced EDM Controls

Track every details of each part processed using IIOT connectivity and part tracking data.


External Dimensions (LxWxH)

W: 1010 mm (39.7 in)
L: 2555 mm (100.5 in)
H: 2316 mm (91.2 in)

Machine Weight

4000 kg (8800 lbs)

Machine Stroke (X.Y.Z)

Linear X Axis 300mm (11.81 inches)
Linear Y Axis 350mm (13.77 inches)
Linear Z Axis 550mm (21.65 inches)

Rotary Stroke (A.C)

Rotary A Axis + 10°/ – 143°
Rotary C Axis +/- 360°

Weight Capacity

10 kg (22 lbs) – Fixtures and Part

Maximize throughput
on your production

High Throughput
Small Footprint

Designed for high-volume manufacturing and paired with a minimal footprint, the EDM 300 delivers maximum efficiency with minimum space impact.

Automation &
Industry 4.0 Ready

Designed with automation in mind, EDM 300 accepts both front or top load/unload as well as integrating with Cobot or AGV solutions. Monitor Key Performance Variables in real-time by connecting our Cell HMI and continually improve your EDM process.


New possibilities with EDM Hole Drilling by modifying the process on the fly using multiple process tracking algorithms. Ability to process 2D and 3D features using EDM Milling.​

a visual of electrical discharge machining

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