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The Winbro way

We make your manufacturing vision a reality by combining our expertise with our problem-solving and people-centric approach. Valuing cooperation throughout the entire manufacturing journey, we are dedicated to overcoming your challenges with innovative and efficient machining solutions.


At Winbro, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of manufacturing technology through our dedicated internal R&D team, university partnerships, and government funding programs. Our extensive research and development efforts are the first step to providing advanced solutions to our customers.


We evaluate the feasibility and potential of new technologies through Proof of Concept at our Global Tech Centres around the world to develop customer applications while advancing university and government research.


We prototype new systems and options that meet customer needs and requirements through a limited production run with application oversight. This process validates the prototypes’ performance and suitability before scaling up production.

System Ready

With strategic R&D hubs situated around the globe, we are able to effectively develop new technologies as well as upgrades for our existing solutions.

lifelong partnerships

At Winbro, we foster lifelong partnerships with our customers. We provide customer support throughout the system’s lifespan, ensuring high up-time and stable operations. Additionally, we are committed to continuous improvement and offer upgrades and updates to the system as necessary to keep it running at its best.

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