As the preferred end-to-end solution provider, we provide a unique offering with multiple advanced component manufacturing facilities around the world. This allows Winbro to develop truly innovative solutions for our customers through volume manufacturing and continuous learning.


  • High Pressure Turbine Blades, Vanes, and Segments
  • Combustors
  • Advanced Coatings
  • Advanced Materials
  • Advanced Cooling Solutions


  • Gas Turbine Buckets, Nozzles, and Heat Shields
  • Planar and Tubular Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Battery Plates

Medical Devices

  • Implant Texturing
  • Catheter
  • Endoscopy and Arthroscopy
  • Cascade Impactors
  • Filtration


  • Gas Distribution Plates [Inner Electrodes]
  • AC Rings [Outer Electrodes]

Our Technology


Winbro provides laser ablation, micro-machining, and high-speed drilling systems using pulsed lasers paired with advanced scanners for precision machining.


Winbro's highly flexible range of systems offer Laser drilling, cutting, and welding using kilowatt-power laser sources for the most advanced part assemblies.


Winbro’s re-engineered High-Speed Electrical Discharge Machining provides faster, more precise drilling than competitors and is vastly superior to the conventional oil dielectric process.

Custom Solutions

Winbro are able to provide bespoke Custom Solutions to your manufacturing needs. From integration of our own machines into highly efficient automated cells to full Industry 4.0 cells.

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