Winbro’s strength lies in our extensive experience and application knowledge of Lasers together with the capability to provide the correct Laser (Nd Yag - CW, Pulsed, Fibre, Q-Switched or CO2), frequency and pulse duration (nano-/femto-/picosecond) for the process under consideration.

For example, Winbro’s 5-axis Delta Laser System is a highly flexible platform that can (depending on the laser specified) be used for:

  • Hole Drilling (Including drilling-on-the-fly, shaped hole machining, trepanning)
  • Cutting
  • Welding
  • Ceramic Coating Removal using Ablation
  • Metal Additive (Cladding, DMD)

The Winbro range of specialised Laser Ablation systems provide a combination of vaporisation and melt erosion of material from the surface. The HSA300 is a highly-compact and pruductive platform that can be fitted with a multitude of different Fiber Lasers and either a 2-axis or 3-axis Galvo-Scanning head to move the beam on a programmed tool path.

DELTA laser machining system

Laser drilling on the fly (DOF)